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The Idaho Avenue Overcrossing in Kings County continues to make progress. In May 2021, crews placed 270 cubic-yards of concrete for the deck of the superstructure. The superstructure is comprised of five pre-cast girders, large concrete beams used to support the top of the structure. Next, crews will install barrier rail on the structure. The overcrossing will span 205-feet long, 40-feet wide and will take traffic over the future high-speed rail tracks.

Feet Long

Feet Wide

Updates Per Project

Idaho Avenue Overcrossing (drone view)

May 10, 2023

Construction crews are making headway at a number of high-speed rail grade separations in Fresno and Kings Counties – some of which are nearly completed. Both Dover Avenue and Idaho Avenue grade separations in Kings County are paved and ready to be striped and opened to traffic.

July 28, 2020

Crews have completed hauling dirt to form the slopes of the future overcrossing at Idaho Avenue. While the slopes settle, a temporary road has been built around the overcrossing to serve as a detour route while crews begin hauling fill to begin construction on an overcrossing to the south at Jackson Avenue.

April 27, 2020

This month, Idaho Avenue was closed to traffic to allow hauling to begin for construction of an overpass. More than 11,000 yards of dirt have been imported to the site as crews prepare the slopes and compact dirt for the structure. As many as 15 haul trucks are being used each day to transport the fill-dirt.