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On Oct. 28, 2020, the California High-Speed Rail Authority announced the completion of Poso Creek Viaduct in Kern County, the first completed structure in the 22-mile segment of high-speed rail from the Tulare-Kern county line to Poplar Avenue in Kern County known as Construction Package 4. It is the fourth high-speed rail structure completed in the Central Valley since August.

Construction on Poso Creek Viaduct, located south of Blankenship Avenue and west of State Route 43 just north of the City of Wasco, included several environmental protections. Crews followed strict guidelines and preventive measures to protect the Poso Creek bed with silt fencing and fiber rolls, and safely diverted area wildlife with exclusionary fencing.

The viaduct structure spans more than 240 feet long and 56 feet wide and will allow high-speed trains to cross over Poso Creek.

Feet Long

Feet Wide

Updates Per Project

September 28, 2020

In July, crews performed the largest single concrete placement to happen to date in Construction Package 4 at Poso Creek. More than 100 trucks placed more than 1,000 cubic-yards to form the deck of the superstructure. In August, crews placed another 535 cubic-yards of concrete to form the east and west stemwalls.

July 28, 2020

At Poso Creek just north of the city of Wasco, carpenters are building and erecting falsework bents that will later support the construction of the Poso Creek superstructure. Crews are hard at work installing bridge soffits, wall forms, steel reinforcement and post-tensioning elements as well as formwork for wingwalls.