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Fresno Trench & State Route 180 Passageway


The Fresno Trench is an approximately one mile long trench north of downtown Fresno that will carry high-speed trains under State Route 180, a rail spur, and an irrigation canal. The trench parallels Union Pacific freight tracks and includes an intrusion barrier wall to keep high-speed and Union Pacific trains separate. At its deepest point the trench will be about 40 feet below grade.


From approximately Olive Avenue to Stanislaus Street. Work on the trench has begun south of Belmont Avenue along with excavation beneath SR 180.


A little north of downtown Fresno, workers are excavating along the Fresno Trench, north of State Route 180, which is being lowered another 10 feet to get to the “floor”, or invert, of the trench. Work has also begun on construction of the “floor” of the concrete box that will carry trains under the highway, a rail spur and the Dry Creek Canal. Rebar crews have started to tie rebar that extends up the sides of the trench for the walls. The trench will extend approximately one mile in length.

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