build HSR California

Garces Highway Viaduct


The crossing will take high speed trains over Garces Highway. The viaduct will be approximately 102-feet in length, 52-feet wide, with abutments at each end of the structure, and vertical clearance of just over 15 feet. Garces Highway will remain at-grade, and Scofield Avenue will be realigned to become parallel to the high-speed rail alignment.


At Garces Highway in Kern County, about three miles west of State Route 43 near Scofield Avenue.


In mid-March, construction crews are beginning foundation work for a bridge that will carry high-speed trains over Garces Highway in Kern County – marking the first significant construction activity for Construction Package 4. Drill rigs and heavy machinery have been mobilized to the site at Garces Highway near Scofield Avenue where workers have begun drilling shafts 80-feet into the ground. Rebar cages are also being lowered into the shafts and covered with concrete.


Construction began in winter of 2017 and will continue through 2018.

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