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Hanford Viaduct


Located in Kings County, the Hanford Viaduct will span more than a mile in length and will allow high-speed trains to cross over Grangeville Boulevard, San Joaquin Valley Railroad, and State Route 198.


North of the city of Hanford between Grangeville Boulevard and Hanford-Armona Road, east of State Route 43.


At the Hanford Viaduct near Grangeville Boulevard, carpenters are working to erect falsework for construction of the superstructure. More than 900 pre-cast concrete girders will be needed for the superstructure, all of which will be fabricated at the Dragados-Flatiron Joint Venture Pre-Cast Girder Facility just steps away from the structure. The first girders will be set for the superstructure later this summer.

Hanford Viaduct is the largest high-speed rail structure in the Central Valley spanning nearly 6,330 feet long. When complete it will carry high-speed trains over San Joaquin Valley Railroad and State Route 198.

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