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McCombs Road Grade Separation


A grade separation at McCombs Road taking traffic over the existing BNSF rail lines, State Route 43, and future high-speed rail lines.


On McCombs Road and State Route 43, north of the City of Wasco.


At the McCombs Avenue Grade Separation, crews placed 360 deck panels, installed the deck reinforcement, and placed 680 cubic yards of concrete to form the deck of the structure. Concrete for the deck was placed during the night in two phases, a week apart. The curing period lasted 7 days. Crews are now working on preparing the approach slabs on both sides of the structure, as well as constructing the concrete barrier rail on top of the structure.

When complete, the McCombs Road Grade Separation will be 415-feet long and will take traffic over, State Route 43, existing BNSF rail lines, and future high-speed rail lines.

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