build HSR California

Road 27 Grade Separation


Construction is currently underway on an overcrossing that will carry traffic over future high-speed and existing BNSF rail lines outside the town of Madera, eliminating an existing at grade crossing.


On Road 27 between Club Drive and Avenue 17 near Madera Acres.


Road 27 continues with the completion of all diaphragms, a structural component that provides stability for the superstructure. Currently, a specialized subcontractor has begun post-tensioning of the pre-cast girders. Post-tensioning is a two-stage process that further connects the girder splices together. Duct work runs through the girders and connects through the length of the bridge. Steel cables are pushed through the ducts and then tightened by pulling on the strands until they reach a specific amount of tension. Finally, the ducts will be grouted and the falsework that was holding the girder ends will be removed.

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