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Tulare Street Undercrossing


The first phase of work being performed will construct an underpass for Tulare Street traffic that will run below high-speed rail tracks and eliminate the current at-grade crossing for Union Pacific Railroad. The second phase of work will construct the new G Street crossing that will run adjacent to high-speed and Union Pacific rail lines, crossing over Tulare Street.


On Tulare Street in downtown Fresno, between G and H Streets next to Chukchansi Park.


Work continues on an undercrossing for Tulare Street between G and H streets in downtown Fresno. Crews are constructing the substructure walls for the crossing that will take Tulare Street traffic under high-speed and existing freight rail lines. A later phase of construction will build a new bridge for G Street traffic to cross over Tulare as it goes below grade. A similar undercrossing and G Street bridge will be constructed at Ventura Street later this spring.


Construction began in October 2017 and could take as long as two years to complete.

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