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CP 2-3: Conejo Viaduct

Edition: Summer 2022
Conejo Viaduct June 2022

As of June 2022, crews have installed 156 of the needed 248 girders to form the pergola section of the Conejo Viaduct. Each girder spans nearly 124 feet long and weighs more than 159,000 lbs. To the south, crews have begun working on an intrusion protection barrier (IPB) wall between the Conejo Viaduct and the Peach Avenue structure. Crews have placed concrete to form the foundation, also known as the footings of the IPB wall and crews are now tying rebar for the wall and placing concrete for the wall itself. The wall will help improve safety when in operation, separate the high-speed rail alignment from the BNSF rail lines, and will help mitigate potential hazards.