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November 2019 Edition

Featured Project: San Joaquin River Viaduct
In north Fresno, crews are working over the San Joaquin River and making final preparations before placing concrete at the east archway of the viaduct. The concrete placement is planned for next week while crews continue forming up the west archway and building an additional scaffold. These arches will act as a suspension bridge support for the bridge span over the river.

Updates Per Project

Cedar Viaduct

This week, nighttime closures kicked off on State Route 99 as crews began the placement of precast concrete girders over the highway to connect the Cedar Viaduct. Near the south abutment of the structure, Martinez Steel has completed tying rebar, and crews are now placing concrete for the stems and soffit of the bridge deck. When complete, the Cedar Viaduct will be approximately three quarters of a mile long.

Fresno Trench & State Route 180 Passageway

Just outside of downtown Fresno, crews have completed the walls, floor and lid of the Fresno Trench and are now placing concrete for the intrusion protection barrier walls that will separate the high-speed rail corridor and Union Pacific Railroad. Meanwhile below State Route 180 (SR 180), backfilling and reconstruction of eastbound lanes are taking place as crews prepare for the next stage of work that will reconstruct the number 1 and 2 lanes of SR 180 going east and westbound.

Davis Avenue

In Fresno County, bulldozers, graders and haul trucks are working simultaneously to install high-speed rail embankment north of Davis Avenue. As the embankment haul takes place, street sweepers and water trucks are in operation to keep the roads clear of debris.

Excelsior Avenue Grade Separation

Heading into Kings County, crews are continuing work on a bridge at Excelsior Avenue between 7th Avenue and State Route 43. Concrete is being placed at the bridge deck that will eventually allow for Excelsior Avenue traffic to cross over the high-speed rail line.

Garces Highway Viaduct

At Garces Highway in Kern County, carpenters are building falsework to stabilize the deck of the Garces structure and prepare for upcoming concrete placement. This structure, located near State Route 43 and Scofield Avenue, will take high-speed trains over Garces Highway and eventually realign Scofield Avenue to become parallel to the high-speed rail alignment.

Wasco Viaduct

At the Wasco Viaduct, crews are drilling and placing shafts on the east side of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe that will ultimately support a pergola allowing high-speed train to pass over the existing freight tracks. Crews are now guiding cages down to connect to ground anchors. On the west side of the BNSF, 26 columns of the pergola section have been poured. This structure will be nearly a mile long when complete.